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Blog: Don’t be “Clever”: The Double Curly Braces Anti Pattern

Blog: Thoughts on Java: 5 ways to initialize lazy relations and when to use them

OracleGoldenGate 12c Tutorial: Oracle to Oracle Replication with Oracle Multitenant V12.1

Notes on Querying Endeca from within an ATG Application

Podcast: Microservices Roundtable

A Dirty Dozen Questions on Oracle SOA 12c You Need Answered, but Feared to Ask….

Deploying an Enterprise Private Cloud with OpenStack in 20 Minutes

MFT: SOA integration by Nicolas Fonnegra

Demystifying Hyperion EPM Versions, Patching, a... | Oracle Community

Resilience: Bouncing Back When Bad Things Happen

Using a Gold Environment as a Part of Your Production to Test Content Movement Toolkit

FBI Bug reprise

CREATE USER and ALTER USER – changing passwords and a New Year’s Resolution

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2015

JSON is flowing through SOA’s veins by Laurens van der Starre

O-box SOA Suite in a box at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 by Simon Haslam

count(*) – again !

Pattern For Obtaining ADF Component ID for JavaScript

SOA 12c Service Bus Resequencer by Vivek Garg

Best Practices for Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones

SOA Suite 12c Developer Productivity Enhancements - One-click Install by Rick Cromer

Business Analytics: In-Memory Analytics Speeds Business Intelligence

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Creating a Mobile-Optimized REST API Using Oracle Service Bus – Part 1 by Steven Davelaar

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Test-driven development using the Oracle SOA Suite

Performance Problems with Dynamic Statistics in Oracle 12c

Stopping one ASM listener in Flex ASM environment takes down ASM instance

Multichannel enablement for Applications ? hands-on workshop at OFM Forum 2015 March 3rd – 6th 2015